What is Touchdown-Europe.net about?

- Touchdown-Europe.net is your #1 source, wait, the ONLY source on getting 1st hand information about american football teams in EU. Imports and American coaches are the ones writing most of the stuff you're reading on this site.

I am looking for a team in EU and I need help.

You can contact us anytime if you need any help negotiating a contract, signing one, or just seeking information and/or contacts of athletes who played for the team you're looking at.

An article posted on the website is false.

- If you have a strong opinion about an article or two - we would love to encourage you to leave a comment and share your thoughts with the football community. However, if you feel that the information in the article should be changed - please contact us.

How can I contribute an article?

- If you're an American player who played for one or more European teams in the past 2 years - please visit our Submission page.

- If you would like to contribute by writing a blog, workout program, TEAM NEWS UPDATES (we're always seeking those!) etc. - please visit our Contact page and surprise us with an awesome post, and who knows - we might come back asking for more!

How can I become #TouchdownEuropeApproved?

Very simple - shoot us a short message why we should consider you and include your highlight film. We can promise that we'll go through all submissions, however, we're looking for Elite players - if you're one, then congrats - you'll become Touchdown Europe Approved. 

Note that we'll contact your former teammates, coaches, and even team boards if needed, as our part of the research and background check.

How can we form a business relationship?

We are open to hear your proposal. However, please be straight to the point and remember that there is a difference between a business idea and a business proposal.