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Feel free to submit your press releases! They are usually being published within 3 days, unless we're on a vacation. You can send them directly to touchdowneurope@gmail.com, and make sure to attach a photo or two - with credits to the photographer.


If you'd like to express your opinion, share your knowledge, or write about your experience as a coach/player/board member - we'd love to help and publish your blog posts! We are always looking for great content from people who have a good story to share. Go to our Contact page and shoot us a message!

Article posted on the website is false

If you have a strong opinion about an article or two - we would love to encourage you to leave a comment and share your thoughts with the football community. However, if you feel that the information in the article should be changed - please contact us.

TDEU Approved (Hall of Fame)

TDEU Approved are coaches and athletes (both import and domestic) who are amazing at what they do on and off the field. We're always looking for names - so if you'd like to nominate yourself or someone else - head to our contact page.

But, before doing that:
Coaches: We're looking for straight facts - teams you've coached, W/L record and off field stuff you participated in or organized such as camps, clinics etc. Minimum 3-4 seasons in Europe!

Players: We're looking for a list of teams you played for. Also, you MUST have at least 2 highlights for us. Stats are not too relevant, but always a great bonus. Imports: 3 seasons outside The States/Canada. European players: At least 4 seasons with the A-team of one or more organizations.

Once we receive a submission - it can take up to 4 months to get a response on your status. We take TDEU Approved stamp very seriously - we will talk to your former/current teammates, coaches, board members. Most important thing is that you're focused and willing to help the organization, as well as to strive to be better every day.

Everyone who got approved so far has these qualities. If we were a football team - we'd be going after each and every single one of these guys.

Help finding a team

We are not an agency, nor we tend to act as one. We can't help you find a team, however, you can contact us anytime if you need any help negotiating a contract, signing one, or just seeking information and/or contacts of athletes who played for the team you're looking to sign with.

Business Proposals

We are open to hear your proposal. However, please be straight to the point and remember that there is a difference between a business idea and a business proposal.