Kicker's Diary: Baby Steps

The rest of the team (I guess I should call them my teammates), just calls me Kicker. Well, they don't really call me, but, I'm The Kicker. Due to my awesomeness, and my safety, I'd prefer to stay anonymous for a while. But, I'm willing to share my story with you all. Once a week.
I never really planned on becoming a kicker for an American football team. I used to be a soccer player (my dear kickers, weren't we all?), and then, I made the mistake of my life - I went to a football game. Not football as in soccer - that would be obvious, wouldn't it? I went to an American football game.

Now, let's start from the beginning. I was a soccer player for 12 long years. Naturally, soccer teams with the biggest budget win it all, and I wasn't really that lucky to be on one those teams. I was starting to get annoyed, devastated, and all that implies. Oh, and I also lost the motivation to go to practice. Now the American football game kicks in. (Ha, look, I used "kick" in a sentence without kicking the ball. Oh, I used kick again! Brilliant!)

So, I went to the football game, and what would a natural born kicker, who still isn't aware of his out-of-this-world talent, do? Check out the  (about to be former) home teams kicker. This guy just couldn't hit the football right! You're probably thinking this was the epiphany moment for me - sorry to disappoint you, it wasn't. Bare with me, I was a soccer player!

After some time, I saw that the local American football team was organizing their annual tryout. I figured - what's there to lose? It's not like I'm not born to be kicking the ball. Shape of the ball is different, but I was kicking other stuff around the house that wasn't just soccer balls. (Get it? I threw in a joke!)

The Tryout
I went all alone, I wasn't scared. After all, I am probably the coolest human being you'll get a chance to meet. However, I did get kinda confused - guys were being tested, talking about receiving, running, blocking. Drill after drill. Um, hello?! Where's the kicking!

I was so pissed. I went home - d'oh - where else would I go? BUT, champs are not made within one day, so since I didn't have anything better to do, I went back in for the practice. Again, everyone's talking about QB, OL, DB, etc. 

"Does anyone need a kicker?" I asked, politely. They are all a lot bigger than I am, and no one knows I'm The Man, yet.

One of the old LBs looked at me, and the only thing that crossed my mind was if I should cover my head, fall down in the fetal position, OR run for my life. (I'm just joking, I wouldn't run away, but he is a big dude!). His eyes suddenly glanced. It's like seeing that first spring sun come up. Or a rainbow after rain. I think he even let out a tear of joy! (Now you understand why I want to stay anonymous!) Anyhow, I wasn't really visible since the big guys were in front of me. The LB started walking through the crowd, and, there at the very end, I was standing. He looked at me, and he almost said, "It's a miracle! A gift from the God!". Well, all he actually said was, "Welcome to the *teamname*!", but I know he wanted to say what I think he almost said!

After 20 minutes of practice I destroyed the 1st football. 

With love,