Ben's Diary: A Weekend in Budapest

Author: Benjamin Jones 
From every true European traveler I speak to, there are a couple of places in Europe that are must visits. One is Prague, the other is Rome, and one that I have always heard of and really wanted to visit was... Yep, you guessed it. BUDAPEST! 

I traveled by train from Zagreb to Budapest to pick up my Finnish wife, Jonna. It will be great to see her since it has been almost a month since I flew to Croatia for the football season. Like you might know, It is always great to meet up with missed loved ones, but it is even better to meet up with them in BUDAPEST, while staying at a 4 star hotel and hitting the city up like Mohamed Ali.

I have to admit I was really excited for my weekend and you might ask yourself if was I let down... NOT AT ALL! - Besides the drug dealer asking me and Jonna if I wanted to buy crack rocks the first night we were there, everything was beyond my expectations. 

First off it was a beautiful 6 hour train ride with a beautiful view of one of Europe's most famous lakes, Lake Balaton. The water looked great, and in the future I will have to spend a weekend on the lake soaking up the Hungarian culture. 

When I arrived in Budapest after quite the train adventure with some new friends, I quickly learned that Hungarians don't speak the best English. Imagine this - a handsome and charming Texan with long beautiful hair asking everyone and their dog if they speak English and - he only finds like 3 people in the whole city and they were not even Hungarian, they were from Germany and Holland. This was frustrating but easily dismissable in comparison the amount of fun I had on this trip. I will not rant on and on about things too much, so I will do like always, leave you with some great pictures from the adventure.

Benjamin Jones has been a part of many European football teams, as well as participant of the Euro-American Football Challenge in front of 30,000 fans. Experience in coaching, organizing football camps and media. Visit his blog for more fun posts like this one!