Health: Anabolic Steroid Facts

Anabolic steroid facts

About steroids:

Steroids are drugs that mimic certain natural hormones in the body that regulate and control how the body works and develops. There are two main groups of natural steroids - anabolic steroids and corticosteroids. It is the anabolic steroids that tend to be misused, mainly because they are similar to the male hormone testosterone and they can improve endurance and performance and stimulate muscle growth. 

Some people take the anabolic steroids to help build muscles or to try and look more ‘manly’. Other people take them to improve how they perform at sports.

They are taken orally or are injected. They do have legitimate medical uses.

Advantages and disadvantages of steroids:

Steroid usage advantages
General steroid usage disadvantages
Steroid usage disadvantages for male
Steroid usage disadvantages for female
increased muscle size
water retention
shrinking of the testicles
growth of facial hair
increased production of red blood cells
liver stress/damage
reduced sperm count
male-pattern baldness
increased bone density
kidney stress / damage
changes in or cessation of the menstrual cycle
increased strength
high blood pressure
development of breasts (Gynecomastia)
enlargement of the clitoris
increased stamina
hair loss
increased risk for prostate cancer
a permanently deepened voice
increased training ability
cardiovascular diseases
reduced body fat
faster recovery time
paranoia, delusional feelings
mood swings, including deep depression
high blood cholesterol levels
trembling and muscle tremors

Common misconceptions about usage of steroids (Q&A):

Q: Is there a safe dosage for anabolic steroids?
A: No there is no safe dosage for steroids except when they are prescribed by doctors, and even than they are used only for short time periods (such as few days). 

Q: Can I become 'addicted' to anabolic steroids?
A: You may become psychologically dependent on anabolic steroids. If this happens you may crave the steroids and find it very difficult to stop using them, even though you know they are affecting your health.

A: You cannot become physically 'addicted' to anabolic steroids, as you might with alcohol or heroin.

Q: Can i counter side effects with some other drug?
A: NO. Generally, it is not safe to use other drugs to treat side effects. Depending on the drug, they can cause as many problems as anabolic steroids themselves. It is particularly dangerous to use diuretics (drugs which reduce fluid retention) with anabolic steroids. They may cause abnormal heart rhythms which may lead to death.


"Use of performance-enhancing substances, like anabolic steroids, is cheating." - Lou Brock (American pro baseball player, member of Baseball Hall of Fame)

“Well, when I think of steroids I think of an image. You have the advantage over someone, which is a form of cheating. I guess it wouldn't be right unless it was legal for everybody. Reason it's not legal for everybody is because it can hurt people seriously.” - Evander Holyfield (former Undisputed Boxing World Champion)

"There's no doubt in our minds that steroids killed our son” - Mother of a college player that committed suicide in 2002.

Every person has a right to chose what to do and how to do it. Bear in mind that athletes are role models for children, and children do what children see. - Vukašin Simonović (Female American football team Angel Dutchesses psychologist-consultant)

“Less money is made by biochemists working on a cure for cancer than by their colleagues struggling valiantly to hide steroid use.” - Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie, a drug-addicted unconventional, misanthropic medical genius who leads a team of diagnosticians at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital)

Vukašin Simonović