Swedish Women & Tackle Football

Swedish women's football started officially in 2008. That’s when Stockholm mean Machines started their women's team. Before that, they had couple women participating in men's series.

The very same year - Sweden and Finland had their women's national teams - and the national games were on - "Finnkampen". Game was held in Helsinki where Findland won, 64-0.

Arlanda Jets started the women's team. Originally there was a game between seniors and their girlfriends, but that evolved into something bigger - idea of putting together a women's team. .

Kevin Mikeska, Ville Korhonen and couple senior players of Arlanda Jets helped to get everything organized, and were getting their team ready to play the Mean Machines in September 2009. That was the 1st women's football game in Sweden. Mean Machines won the game 36-0.

Also, it was time for the annual Sweden vs Finland "Finnkampen" - Swedish National team had taken steps forward and result was 6-36 in Östermalms IP (Stockholm), Sweden. Sweden's first ever TD was scored by QB Marianne Gimhag.

Women's World Championship was played in Zinkensdamm (Stockholm) with 6 teams participating. Sweden started good against Canada, losing after a fight 6-12. Second game against Germany ended up to another defeat (0-14).

Sweden played hard, good game in 5th place game and managed to surprise Austria - 20-18. That was the first win for Swedish ladies on the international field.

The ladies game between Mean Machines and Jets were played in autumn. This time Jets were training even harder and were prepared for the tough opponent. However, Mean Machines were still the better team, winning 14-0 (Scoring 2nd TD with 8 seconds left).

Women's National team traveled to Finland for the traditional game. This time Finland was better 36-0.

Jets got Lidingö Saints women's team as the new opponent. They played in tournaments, with each team playing others, and games lasting only halftime.

Mean Machines still ruled the field, by beating both Jets (14-0) and Saints (20-0) and still holding their Endzone clean.

Jets and Lidingö played a hard fought defensive battle, that ended up 0-0

First ever unofficial Women's tornament, final standings:
1. Stockholm Mean Machines
2. Arlanda Jets
3. Lidingö Saints

Later that year, Jets played Mean Machines and Saints who were a combined team now. Game was stopped because of injury and it was 0-0 at the time.

Women's National team got visit from team Finland in autumn of 2011. again. Sweden played a tough defense, however, Sweden lost  5-18.

In 2012. league grows into 1st Women's Championship League. League had 4 teams: Arlanda Jets, Lidingö Saints, Stockholm Mean Machines and Upppsala 86ers. The final game took place in Märsta, which was won by the Mean Machines - 42-0. 

Jets were ready to win, and got the well-deserved 2nd spot.

Stockholm Mean Machines 6 0 0 222-0 12
Arlanda Jets 4 0 2 75-91 8
Lidingö Saints 2 0 4 54-89 4
Uppsala 86ers 0 0 6 2-173 0

Swedish national TV coverage:

Last game of 2012. was against Finland. Finland won 22-0.

Ville Korhonen