College Bowl XXIII: Danube Dragons vs. JCL GIANTS GRAZ- 7:24

Photo: Football-Austria
The JCL GIANTS GRAZ Junior defended the Austrian championship title against the Danube Dragons in Vienna.

In a very exciting game, the clearly superior junior JCL GIANTS GRAZ won the College Bowl XXIII with final result of 24;7. Despite extremely low winter temperatures and strong winds on Saturday, 11/10/2012, the two undefeated teams met in the preliminary round.

Giants marched across the field in the very first drive. Giants RBs Kiegerl and Matthias Alexander Sanz, and QB Christoph Gubisch got the ball in front of the Dragons endzone. However, after Giants attempted a trick play, Dragons DB Matthias Rebl managed to intercept the ball from WR Dominik Szecsi.

Even the Dragons relied on the running game, but after 2 first downs, and couple bad plays - Dragons had to punt the ball. Again, after series of attacks, Giants offense had to go to the bench after 4 failed attempts.

Dragons managed to complete a big play, their RB Vetr managed to break a couple tackles and gain 40 yards for his team. Giants defense managed to stop the Dragons offense from scoring.

Although Giants QB threw an interception, and Dragons offense got on the field, Giants managed to force a 2 point lead by getting safety points, due to a huge mistake by the Dragons. When Dragons tried to punt, snap went straight to the endzone.

Photo: Football -Austria
During the 1st half, defenses of both teams did a great job on making sure to keep the offense away from the endzone. However, when Dragons offense got the ball on their own 1 yard line - Dragons QB, Camilo Grela, got sacked in his own endzone, and Giants got another safety.

1st half was ended on the score of 0:11, when Giants QB Gubisch managed to find an open WR, Phillip Summer, and complete a pass. 

In the second half, Giants safety, Luke Wolf, got a chance to shine by intercepting the ball, however, Dragons had a joker up in their sleeve: Camillo Grela intercepted the Giants pass on the following drive.

Photo: Fotball-Austria
During the second half, Dragons Defense Coordinator, Michael Werosta, was expulsed for unsportsmanslike behavior. 

Giants managed to score one more TD, on a run by QB Gubisch to the endzone, and secure his team a   0:17 lead.

After Giants defense got a penalty on the 4th down, Dragons offense started with the 1st down and managed to get to the Giants endzone - 7:17.

Giants surely had a response - Matthias Kiegerl, who was also named the game MVP. Final: 7:24 

Photo: Football-Austria
This years College Bowl was definitely dominated by the defenses. By the end of the game, JCL GIANTS  GRAZ offense was more effective and could better adapt to the poor weather conditions in order to defend their title.