Hall of Fame: Sean Embree, Coach

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1994. J.K.E. Mullen High School (Denver, Co)
- Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Coach
- Top offense in the state for yds and pts
- Coached 1 All–American, former NFL Tight End Bo Scaife

1995. Harper Junior College (Palatine, Ill)
- Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Coach
- RC-Cola bowl champions
- Coached 1 All-American.

1996-1999. Butler University D-IAA (Indianapolis, In) 
- Varsity Wide Receivers and Tight Ends Coach/ J.V. HC and Offensive Coordinator/KOR Coordinator for varsity.
- Led the country in KOR in 1998. We returned 5 kick-offs for TDs and averaged over 30 yards per return.
- Coached 5 All-Americans in four seasons as coach. 
- In 1997. and 1998., JV team finished the season 6-0
- The 1999. JV team finished with a record of 5-2

2000-2003. Boulder High School (Boulder, Co) 
- Offensive Coordinator/Special Teams Coordinator/ QB and WR’s coach
- 2000.- ranked 4th in total offensive yards in the state and qualified for the playoffs for the first time in 6 years.
- Led the state in KOR for 2 consecutive years
- Coached 1 All-American

2001-2003. Denver Broncos (Centennial, Co)
- Volunteer Coach/Quality control
- Helping special teams coach during the week 
- Helping the offensive and defensive coordinators on game day from the box. 
- Charting plays, and helping with fronts, coverage’s and personnel l of our opponents

2004-2005. Northglenn High School (Northglenn, Co)
- Defensive Coordinator/ KOR and Punt coordinator/ DB’s coach
- Top 5 in the state in turnovers
- #1 defense in the league for total yards given up

2008-2010. Fairview High School (Boulder, Co)
- Offensive coordinator/Special teams Coordinator/QB and WR’s coach
- 2008. offensively, Fairview was ranked 3rd in the state in total offensive scoring. 
- 2009. ranked 1st in offensive scoring and total yards.
- Led the state in kick-off return and punt return
- 2010. top 5 in total offensive yards

2012. Belgrade Vukovi, Serbia 
- Head coach, offensive coordinator
- SAAF - 9-0 , CEFL - 8-1
- SAAF Championship
- CEFL Championship

- W/L 96-14
- Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator for the Serbian National Team (2-0, EU Championship C group)