Is Your Team A Young Team Lacking On Big Guys?

What kind of system would you recommend to a young team with not a lot of weight or big guys on the Offensive Line?
BK: To be honest with you, I think it is most important to teach good solid fundamentals of blocking than it is which system you use. No matter what you choose, Man Schemes, Zone Schemes, or anything else, it is crucial that your linemen have the foundation of a good stance, footwork and hand placement to execute any block. Once a player has a good foundation, then he can do just about any kind of block.

Would you recommend to go back to the "old school football" and develop players in EU who play positions on both sides; O and D?
BK: First I would say that "ironman" is not the best way to play, but many teams will do that because they don't have enough players, or because they want to have their best athletes on the field at the same time. Also, if your opponent does not have to play ironman football, the chances of your team wearing down would be greater. I would say in regards to "old school football"--let's make that mean learning the foundations of blocking, tackling, catching, throwing and running. By being sound in our fundamentals, you will see better players on the field and better games regardless of whether guys are playing both ways.

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