Report: Serbian Jr. League 2012.

Photo: Jean-François Nicollet
The fifth Serbian junior championship is over! We've got new champions, new bearers of Veljko Makojević trophy - Angel Warriors from Čačak. Newly crowned kings of junior football in Serbia were expected to reach a high position in the final standings, but there were not so many people who expected them to win the championship.

So, the story of this years junior competition started right after the end of the senior championship and its finals. Seven teams licensed their players to fight for the first place in Serbian junior football. Those teams were divided in two divisions, North and South. Members of Division North were Vukovi Belgrade, Sirmium Legionaries and last years champions Pančevo Panthers, and South was formed by last years finalists Čačak Angel Warriors, Kragujevac Wild Boars, Kraljevo Royal Crowns and Bor Golden Boars whose juniors made their debut this year.

Both Northern and Southern divisions' denouement were interesting, but somehow, most people expected tight score games in the North Division and easy wins of the favorites on the South. And so it was. Second playoff contestant from the North was known just after the last match between Vukovi and Legionaries. On contrary, South was dominated by two favorites, Wild Boars and Angel Warriors, and the bottom of the table was reserved for Royal Crowns and Golden Bears.

Angel Warriors vs Panthers, photo: Milan
Sirmium Legionaries - With quite new and one of the most youngest squad in the league, they managed to justify that old football manner that was nurtured in Sremska Mitrovica few years ago.

Pančevo Panthers - They were favorites in their division. Last year results made them favorites. Panthers justified it, but they made it "only" to the finals. As they say, everything's possible in the final game, so no one can blame them for the second place.

Vukovi Belgrade - One of the most successful Serbian teams were expected to make it to the playoffs, but they failed. Vukovi have made their own destiny by losing last and decisive game in Sremska Mitrovica.

Bor Golden Bears - They were new to the competition so even the participation in the championship race is a great success.

Kraljevo Royal Crowns - Senior team of this club was one of the biggest surprises in the seniors championship, but they didn't have the strength to do something similar in championship race for juniors.

Kragujevac Wild Boars - Two years ago, they were displaced from the throne by Panthers. Kragujevac is one of the football centers in Serbia, so that made them one of the favorites for winning a competition. They managed to make it only to the semi-final. 

Čačak Angel Warriors - Last year finalists were considered the main favorites even before the start of championship. Moreover, one of their best players, Mihailo Josović, was selected in Serbian national team with whom he won the European Championship Group C. which was held this year in Austria and Switzerland.

Photo: Jean-François Nicollet
In final game Angel Warriors were more than motivated, because of the last year playoff final when Panthers defeated them. This year, it was more than a game. It was a revenge. And the fact that finals were hosted by city of Čačak was one of the factors that prevailed on the side of Angel Warriors. Team from Čačak won an unpredictable (re)match against Panthers by 16:14 and crowned themselves as junior champions of Serbia.

TDEU congratulates Čačak Angel Warriors on their first junior championship in their six-year history!

Ivan Kovacevic