Enschede Broncos: 2013. Coaching Staff of 8 Coaches!

Frank Versteeg
On Saturday November 24th, the coaching staff of the Enschede Broncos American Football club presented their plans for 2013. The new coaching staff will be formed by 8 coaches. This is the season where the Broncos are aiming for the Championship in their 3rd division of the AFBN competition. 

The coaches for 2013 will be:
Headcoach, Bennie Serra van Limbeek.

Offense Coordinator, Frank Versteeg. With over 25 years of experience with the Enschede Warriors, Enschede Broncos, The Hague Raiders and the National team Dutch Lions, Frank will lead the offense of the Broncos. He will be assisted by Henk Oost, Jeroen de Ruiter and Martijn Wijma.

Defense coordinator, Martijn Gerritsen. Recently retired as player of the Osnabruck Tigers, Martijn has taken his experience as a D-lineman to bring the Defense in his hometown to the next level. Together with Heiko Saenger, also an experienced player/coach of Osnabruck Silverbacks, Osnabruck Tigers, Enschede Broncos and Munster Mammuts, the coaches have an optimal situation to prepare for the new season.

For rookies, strength and conditioning will be run by coach Leon Kok. As the player for the Hague Raiders, Leon is also an experienced coach to work with on the basics of Football.

Combined, these coaches have over 165 years of experience in American Football and will do their best to lead the team to reach the goals they've set. Team board hopes that with these coaches, new players from Holland and area close to the Dutch border in Germany will have confidence and trust in the club.

Martijn Gerritsen