Germany: The Osnabruck Tigers II

Osnabruck Tigers' Andre Scholz has just launched thw O.T. "II". The second team of Osnabrück Tigers is a senior designed team, however based on the Ü18. Here, newcomers can learn the game of football, and even the experienced guys who don't really want to compete in the "Bundesliga" team of the Osnabruck Tigers can join.

"We've opened up the Tiger II because football in Osnabruck needed an alternative, as well as getting to coach gifted athletes for the opportunity to go to the GFL2 team" - says the sports director and the head coach of theGFL2 team Jovi Stojceski, and adds: "Andre Scholz is an experienced coach who has spent several years both as a player and a coach in and around Osnabrück. We are looking forward to work with Andre and we are very confident that he will build a decent team."

Andre Scholz has been around for over 20 years. Started as a player all the way back in 1991. with the Tecklenburg Silverbacks. In 1998. he debuted as a coach of the same team. In 2000., he joined the Osnabruck Tigers as a fullback. After Rheine Raptors, he returns to Osnabruck and starts the B team.

Osnabruck plans are to have I and II team training together throughout January, and then separating them, so both teams can prepare for the season. Osnabruck Tigers I will be participating in the GFL2, while the II team will be joining the national league of the Lower Saxony/Bremen.