Interview: Sebastien Sejean - Potrait Of A French Ram

American Football
I started the game by the flag version with the team of “Molossian d’Asnieres” in 1998 and I played in all categories. In 2001 I joined the Amien’s “pole of hope” program and in 2002 I participated in the Junior European Championships where I was selected in the "All-star team."Then I was selected for Team Europe in the World Championship in 2003 and I have once again been named in the AST. 

After that everything followed; Senior World Cup in 2003, Champion of France elite with the “Spartiates d’Amiens” in 2004. Then in July 2004 I obtained a scholarship for the University of Laval in Quebec.

University of Laval
Before going to the University and after some camp scouting I had a proposal to play in NFL Europe but I preferred mixing school and the elite sport, which was a logical continuation of the Pole in Amiens. When I arrived at the University I quickly found my marks into the football program, the system but also in the group. From my first year I was on the playing sheet of every game which is rare for a "freshman" in Laval, and moreover, I became s starter in the "special team" unit and the "nickel" defense. This has attracted the attention of several CFL "scouts" and some came to see me at mid-season. At that moment I realized there were other opportunities that the NFL Europe. So when I arrived at Laval my desire was to play football then take the steps one after the other. This is what we are taught during the Amien’s program and in the France’s national team. Have a good and solid education to aspire to high goals. 

Best Uni Football Memories
My student’s years at Laval were extraordinary and I met some quite exceptional people who have become friends. 

To summarize, my best memories in four events: 
- the Vanier Cup victory in 2004 in 
- All the good times with my teammate. 
- The atmosphere of the games and the 25,000 fans behind us. 
- The day I learned my selection by the St.Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams
I arrived at their training facility at the beginning of the summer training camp. As my physical condition was great following a preparation in Florida despite some lacks at the tactical level due to the fact that I had not done the "mini-camps", the Coach gave me quite a lot of assignments. What also helped me is that I went to everyone as soon as I arrived and introduced myself; respect and humility. All this ultimately allowed me to integrate the second Defense during the four preseason games and achieve a total of 7 tackles. When training camp is over, you soon realize that the NFL means "Not For Long." There was a lot of movement into the player’s roster and the regular season was quite difficult with only 2 wins and our HC dismissed after 3 games. Despite all this, there were no problems between the players. In my case the Coach wanted to play me for the last 6 games but unfortunately my contract as a "practice squad" did not allow this.

NFL Gone Wrong
Previously it was expected that I should renew my contract with the Rams but with the dismissal of coaching staff and especially the CEO my situation soon changed. 

Beyond the rejection of my contract extension something quite unusual happened ;the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to sign me immediately after the season but it could not be done because the new DG of the Rams wanted to use me as bargaining chips with the "Giants" or "Jets" of NY against one of their young players.

The fact was that the Rams would not give me my independence as a player (U.S.) and that they could keep me forever on their “reserve” squad without having to sign me because I was coming from the international program. 

Then, the "Chiefs" lost patience and were not interested anymore, and I missed a very good opportunity.  Despite all this I continued to work hard to stay in shape to be ready for the "Draft" which was taking place a few months later. 

The "Ravens", "Jets" and "Giants" asked me to come to their mini camps but unfortunately after the Draft I have not received any invitations. As time passed very quickly I decided to try my luck in UFL where I managed to get a contract with the "Tuskers" during the mid 2009 season. 

In 2010 same story; at mid-season I was able to sign a contract with the Philadelphia "Soul", but unfortunately I have never been used by them because they were waiting for the NFL "cut" before deciding about their final starting "squad". I again passed some physical tests and finally joined the Omaha UFL team for the rest of the season. 

But ultimately the job insecurity and the wage differences between an NFL player who has played over 3 years and me were very significant and debilitating in my case. 

The economical crisis did not help me find a team in the U.S neither. However, the bright side is that the circumstances offered me the opportunity to come back to France to assist the development of our football.

Courtesy of:
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