Kicker's Diary: Pimpin'

The rest of the team (I guess I should call them my teammates), just calls me Kicker. Well, they don't really call me, but, I'm The Kicker. Due to my awesomeness, and my safety, I'd prefer to stay anonymous for a while. But, I'm willing to share my story with you all. Once a week.

Life of a kicker might seem sad, boring, and all that applies. However, one sees what one wants to see. Remember your childhood superhero? Batman? Spiderman? And so on.. Well, kickers might surprise you.

I'm not saying I'm a superhero. Well, I am when I kick the winning FG. I'm just saying that all these superheroes seem like complete nerds in real life, just like kickers. Instead of getting into a super gay leather outfit, I prefer getting into a suit and hitting the clubs. Call me The Clubhero! Hey, you're the one who thinks "Guitar Hero" is a cool name, so don't judge me!

Now, as someone who's being looked at as the third world human being, I can bring quite a few surprises. And I mean that literally. WOMEN.

Not sure about all the kickers out there, but as soon as it's time for clubbing, I become the most popular "kid" on the team. When will you realize that women love men who are "unrecognized", like KICKERS. They stick like glue.

Usually clubbing is my time to shine. Imagine a kicker walking in surrounded by a dozen of drop dead gorgeous women. Didn't expect that, did ya? That's when I can have the "In your face" look while passing by the QB. I can't really say it out loud, since, I do want to kick the ball one more time, I need my legs "unbroken".

It feels good when the whole team is starring at you with admiration, BUT, as soon as you sit down - they become like animals hunting the pray. That's when I get scared. How to defend my lady friends. Luckily, as you already know, athletes and alcohol - not a good combo. And that is how I save my ladies from the hungry lions. Send alcohol.

It's a win/win. Consider this as a small tutorial for all of you kickers out there! How to become instantly popular and how to keep the popularity. 

However, practice is tomorrow. Back to being the ol' nerd.

With Love,