India: Hollywood Actor Mark Wahlberg To Attend The Opening Game

Mark Wahlberg
Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, who is an investor in Elite Football League of India (EFLI), is planning to visit the country to watch the opening game.

EFLI is the first men's professional American football league in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It has teams from five cities in India, two cities in Sri Lanka and one city in Pakistan.

By bringing together the East and the West in alliance to eliminate poverty throughout the globe, EFLI hopes to make the impossible a reality through peaceful, healthy competitive play.

"EFLI is changing the lives of countless numbers of India's poor and underprivileged. I anxiously look forward to the inaugural 2013 season. I hope to bring my family to India for the opening game and to witness this miracle that is the EFLI," Wahlberg, who is looking forward to the release of his new film "Broken City", said in a statement.

When asked what motivated him to invest in the league, Wahlberg said: "Anything for a good cause and I believe we will be able to use the great game of football to truly impact the people of India, both on and off the field, and help many to improve on their quality of life."