Italy: Leoluca Orlando Re-Elected President Of The FIDAF

Chairman, Federal Board and Chairman of the Board of Auditors was elected by the Ordinary General Assembly, at a duly constituted meeting, for a four-year term (2013-2016).

Past President Leoluca Orlando has been re-elected with 67.9% of the votes.

Following the composition of the whole Council:
  • Federal Board, representing clubs
  • Francesco Cerra, James Dewar, Cesare Lapiana, Fabio Tortosa, Manfredi Leone, Marco Quercio, Stefano Simeoni
  • Federal Board, representing coaches
  • Simone Iori
  • Federal Board, representing athletes
  • Alessandro Zarbo, Stefano Gavina 
  • Chairman of the Board of Auditors
  • Sergio Vizzini
Federal president, Mr Leoluca Orlando, has released the following statement: "Thanks to football world for its trust in me. I’d like to congratulate all the members for the excellent results of our hard work: we have become part of CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee), our main goal, and we are present in both the International Federation (IFAF), both in the European Union (EFAF). Football is a passion and an obsession of mine. Sometimes, fixations are the engine of our life. Mine is this: I cannot stand to live in a country where soccer is the only sport. The only watched, not played!, sport. So, taking care of football, a played, not watched! sport, feels so natural to me. Nevertheless, we have made every effort to increase football presence on tv, above all Raisport and Eurosport channels. I always tried to do the best. This is my own commitment for the next 4 years".

Luca Pelosi