Russia: ELAF 2013.

2nd season of ELAF will begin on April 13th, 2013., where 7 teams will be competing for the ELAF Bowl trophy. 

Only 4 teams remained after the first season which was from May to September, 2012. Minsk Litwins and the Moscow Bruins met in the finals, which took place on September 29. Litwins came to the finals without any losses in the regular season and play-off. 

However, Bruins on the other hand lost one game vs Litwins, but the championship was a great chance for a re-match.

Losing on close to end of 2nd quarter 19-6, special teams of Bruins could reduce a gap and remove forward at the beginning on 3rd quarter. At the end of the game the score was 30-25 in favor of Bruins who became the first champions of ELAF.

In the new season, teams from Belorusia, Ukraine and Russia will play each other one round game and in September four first team will meet in the playoffs. Two winners will meet in ELAF Bowl II.

Following teams will be in the race for the trophy: Moscow Silverbullets, Moscow Spartans, Minsk Litwins and Moscow Bruins will play Podolsk Angels, Minsk Zubrs and Kyiv Heroes.

ELAF will unite clubs from all ex-USSR countries and will increase quantity of teams to 12 and use NCAA BIG10 Conferece model for ELAF Championship in 2015.

Alexander Malyshev