Benjamin Jones and #Jonesing

Benjamin Jones started a great new trend in football. Tebowing is nothing compared to Jonesing, and TDEU supports it! We'll be featuring Jonesing photos on our main page from now on! 

We sat down with Ben so he could explain the whole movement.

"I have been taking pictures with that specific picture pose for as long as I can remember, and it was not until I started playing in Europe that I had such a opportunity to take it in so many different awesome countries and places, that is when it turned into something cool. 

If I would have to think deep and give you a meaning of it; I would have to say it symbolizes absolute and true "Freedom". That is why I find so many epic or strange places to do it - countries such as, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico and of course all over the US. I have done it on waterfalls, mountain peaks, while jumping off cliffs, during TD celebrations, historic city squares, centuries old cathedrals and even in the middle of a huge government protest. 

Once I find a epic spot, throw those hands into the air and look up into the sky, it is pure, untainted, not caring what anyone in the world thinks....... freedom. 

I would encourage anyone that is stressing out about stupid little stuff to find somewhere awesome to throw the hands up and start Jonesing like it is your job! Its feels great, trust me!" 

If you have a photo of yourself Jonesing send it to Jonesing official fan page!