CEFL: Blue Devils almost there

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
The Cineplexx Blue Devils got out of Belgrade with a big 26-49 win, that brought them closer to winning the CEFL Cup. Their opponent was no match, event on their home turf, making the second leg of the Cup a tough task for the Belgrade side.

We wouldn't call it a formality, but the Blue Dragons stuck around for only a quarter and a half, and the rest was all Devils. They even scored first, when William Galusha ran 37 yards for the opening score. That nothing would be going well for the home team was clear when Željko Kostić scored to reduce to 6-7 – the extra point attempt was however blocked and the Blue Devils scored a 2-point touchdown.

Harrison Daniels then passed for two of his four touchdown passes – both to Jan Grischenig – for a 6-22 score and the Devils never looked back. Galusha added another run and Grischenig another catch, and it was 20-36 at halftime.

In the second half, the Dragons were only able to score once and they conceded twice. It was all in all a tough loss on a very cold March Saturday in Belgrade. The next game is scheduled for the 13th of April, but it is safe to say that the Blue Dragons will need a miracle to make up for the 23-point deficit. And of course that the Blue Devils are very near to being the first CEFL Cup winner.

Goran  Košutić
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We've managed to get a statement about the game from Nikola Davidović of Blue Dragons: We haven't played International games last season so we wanted to take participation in CEFL Cup, and also to break the monotony of the Serbian league. Blue Devils played very good, and we under every expectation. We did have 5 starters injured for this game,but that is not good excuse for a bad result at the end of this first match. Without 2 starting WRs, Williams and Bukumira, and without starting RB Bakovic, offense couldn't play better. Defense showed some weaknesses, but we will try to fix it for our next game.