Italy: Audience In Numbers

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The research conducted by Eugenio Meini, the FIDAF (Italian Federation of American Football) delegate for Liguria, suggests that even in Italy, American Football continues to soar in audience appeal.

In 2012 sports information websites wrote more than 2000 articles about Italian Football. FIDAF official website (, has generated 230,000 visits, with an average duration of more than 2 minutes per visit and 65,271 unique visitors. 90% of visits come from Italy, while 7% comes from the United States. FIDAF is also on twitter and on Facebook, where the official page has generated 550,000 contacts. FIDAF has also a website only for national team, In Italy there are three websites dedicated to major championship. They are IFL (Serie A1, Italian Football League,, LENAF (Serie A2, National League of American Football, and CIF9 (Italian Championship Football 9, The last one reaches about 15,000 visits per month, 90% of visits come from Italy and the rest from the United States, Europe and Latin America. It also contains a blog named, with approximately 25,000 visits per month, while the twitter account has more than 600 followers. The Facebook page dedicated to the championship CIF9 has an average of about 90,000 contacts per month with an effective service of real-time update with results, photos and match report. Moreover, some teams began to broadcast their games in live streaming on their own websites. The same service has already been implemented by FIDAF during the Under 19 European Championship qualifying round, which was organized in Italy.

The presence of American Football is also rising on radio and tv. Super Bowl 2012, played in Varese between Panthers Parma and Elephants Catania, was broadcasted live on Raisport Satellite (Sport TV Channel of national television) for the third year in a row. The share was more than 900,000 viewers. The game was also broadcasted on Eurosport, with about an average of 350,000 viewers. Also in 2012, the IFL has produced "IFL MAGAZINE", which was broadcasted by Raisport Satellite. It is a weekly report of IFL championship (Serie A1) with coverages about the games. The magazine had an average of 95,000 viewers for each episode. Radio “105 Network” is media partner of FIDAF and periodically it broadcasts interviews with players and coaches. Furthermore, few days ago it began a cooperation with Radio24. During the program "Give & Go", aired on Sunday afternoon from 16.30 to 18 and from 22 to 23, the radio reserved a space to American Football in Italy.

Local newspapers give great attention to football. In 2012 there was an average of about 70-80 articles per month. There were also nearly 100 articles and news on national newspapers, especially before and after matches of the national team, the Super Bowl, and the Under 19 European Championship qualifying round.

Luca Pelosi