Serbia: GAT Dukes Novi Sad Last Minute Signings!

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
GAT Dukes of Novi Sad, Serbia just wrapped up their signings - last minute! Dukes were supposed to bring an American QB - Robert Borcky, BUT, things got complicated, as Robert had an injury before his arrival.

GAT Dukes did have luck though - as their veteran QB - Rastko Jokic, who at one point spent a semester at Mizzou, is back, and, the team was able to focus on other positions. They dropped quite a bomb - as they signed Christopher Blanton - RB/DB - who we already wrote about when he was supposed to sign with Zagreb Patriots of Croatia. Things in Croatia got complicated and Dukes managed to get Blanton.

Wayne Johnson
2nd import is Wayne Johnson - CB/WR. Our sources tell us that Wayne just received a message that he'll be joining the team and that the ticket was booked the same day. 2013 will be Wayne's debut in EU, and, it's interesting to mention that in the 1st game of the season - he'll be playing against his former teammate from The States. 

Since Blanton is on the plane as we speak, Wayne shared his excitement - "Even though it was a last minute signing, I'm expecting to have a great season and show everyone that I am a top level player! I am very excited about the opportunity to play football and travel to another country. Now it's time to put in the work and win games!"

Christopher Blanton, RB/DB

 Wayne Johnson, DB/WR