Damnyan's Corner: The First Few Pages Of My Playbook

I have thought for a while about topic for this article, and all of the sudden I found inspiration on Youtube. Feel free to watch these speeches given to the University of Miami Hurricanes football players by one of their best alumni, former coach Don Soldinger and best linebacker of modern time Ray Lewis.

Inspired by that I will give you first few pages of my playbook that shows my view of the game of football


1. Defending the middle of the field
2. Stop the run - dominate the LOS, create a favorable situation
3. Force turnovers - 3 + per game
4. Prevent big plays - the maximum concentration and good tackling
5. Efficacy on 3. down - 70%
6. Press the QB - the pressure from the middle, throw QB off rhythm 
7. Maximum engagement in critical situations - red zone, goal line, the last 2 minutes.
8. Eliminates penalties (1/30 plays) 
9. Win 4. quarter

DISCIPLINE - the basis of success, execute details, no talking on the field, all questions will remain for the meeting, relaxation leads to failure, disciplined players carry out work in the best way;
HARD WORK - talk of hard work does not lead to success, the work must be felt, it is a habit, do not let fatigue in the head overcome the fatigue of the body. The price of success is paid in advance, the opportunity is worth only as much as you are willing to use it;
PROGRESS - no one is to good that it does not have to learn, from errors you get only as much as they bother you;
KNOWLEDGE - knowledge, in full, of all aspects of the game within our system on offense, defense and special team;
TRUST - trust between players and coaches; be honest and accountable for your actions, develop trust among teammates, selfishness kills the team, leave your ego outside of the team, respect among teammates is the first step to build confidence, what you do is a mirror of the whole team;
PHYSICAL PREPARATION - our trademark, the 5th quarter is designed to enable us to dominate and win in the fourth quarter;
CHANCE - we will always play with the best players and we will find ways to give everyone a chance to contribute to the team;
PRIDE - obtained when effort is invested in something you truly believe in, anyone who understands what it means can present it on and off the field;
WINNING MENTALITY - we win or lose together, no room for finger pointing.


DISCIPLINE - do what you have to do, when to do it, just as it should be done. Always do it the same way!
COMMITMENT – dedicate to something, expect hard times, be willing to make sacrifices, look forward, and create something great!
EFFORT - requires no physical ability to make effort. It is an attitude, a state of mind. Be relentless and fight always.
TOUGHNESS – ability to be at the highest level of your ability, regardless of the obstacles that are in front of you. When things do not go in the desired direction, then toughness comes into play.


SUCCESS - the quality of life of a person is directly influenced by his commitment to success, regardless of the chosen field of work! TEAM - we are a team and we play as a team. Each player has their own task. This task must be done EVERY TIME. Everyone must know what they do, how they do it, when and why they do it. Pay attention to details, they are the key. SELF-RESPECT - everyone has to believe in themselves and the team! Being the best in the most difficult moments is the thing that divides the best from good. Always do your best. Never give up! UNITY - Team spirit comes from a common goal. This goal is paramount. It is more important than each individual achievement and reward. Respect your teammates, principles and virtues of the team. This attitude among teammates creates chemistry that inevitably leads to success!

When EVERYONE do their best, when you respect your teammates and coaches, when you value the principles and virtues of the team, when you're humble in winning and proud in defeat, then you're ready to become a


Zoran Damnjanović