Embo's Diary: A Goal Without A Plan Is A Wish

It has been a great ride for the Belgrade Vukovi thus far. We have dedicated ourselves to be "ROAD WARRIORS" for three weeks. We have knocked out 2 teams, and we have a re-match left with Slovenia this week. 

 We are hitting our stride and we are overcoming key injuries. The 2nd team guys have stepped up and played great. We are a team that is taking advantage of the opportunities that are put in from of us. As in life, opportunities are rare and don't always come before you, so when they do, make sure you make the best of them. 

There is no doubt that the players from last years National Team have stepped up and become big time leaders for our team. My players have a lot of pressure on them to do the right things for the team. By missing practice, not playing hard, not being coachable, they are ruining their chances of being a part of the Serbian National team. Players that aren't tough enough to play through injuries, will NOT be a part of the National team. Therefore, Vukovi players are under a lot of expectations because I'm around them all the time. I'm very critical on my players. 

 My advice to players is to be critical of yourself and give yourself a grade after every game and practice. I always ask my players "whose out working you today, who worked harder in the weight room this week, how bad do you want to be a part of the Serbian National Team?" The answer is simple, and we will know the answer in August when the team leaves for Milan! 

Preparations for the Serbian National Team is under way. Guys are working hard in weight room. Although we won group C, we are in for a tougher road in group B. 

I've noticed a lot of players around the league with early injuries. I cannot express enough that you have to take care of your body and get treatment every day on your injuries. Take preventative measures to help you through the long season. I would express to every player trying to make the Serbian team that all eyes are on you. Coaches are watching and taking notes of players that play hard and who are leaders on the field. 

There will be 10 added spots this year and with some players who retired from a year ago, there is an additional 5 spots there as well. The coaches will not just add players just to fill spots. They will take only the players who fit the mold of the team. Coaches will look to take a couple of Juniors from last years National team. They will be given a shot to be a part of the Senior national team. In short, continue to work hard, you never know whose watching. I'll leave with this, A GOAL WITHOUT A PLAN IS A WISH!

Sean Embree