Embo's Diary: If You Love Hitting, See You In Ljubljana

Photo: Dragan Zabunovic 
We have a very important game this week as is every game we play. We are treating this game the same as we have the past 4 games we have played. 

We are not going to do anything extra. Everybody outside of our Vukovi family, keeps saying to me that this is a "revenge game" for Vukovi. I tell them exactly what my team has been hearing for the last 6 months, Ljubljana is just another game that we are focused on winning. That's it! 

If we win 2-0, then this will be our greatest victory so far. We understand what happened a year ago. And our team knows that Ljubljana did not get our best efforts. We had 6 turnovers and we dropped 7 footballs. 

So if anything, we owe the Silverhawks a better football game. Not to take away how good they were a year ago, but when a team commits that many mistakes against a great football team, then your going to be on the losing end. They were definitely the better team that day. But that's the past and its in our rear view mirror. 

Our goal leading up to this game was to win three games in a row on the road, and the Silverhawks are the last hurdle in our goal before the bye week. I look forward to us playing our best game yet, and for this to be a very physical game. So if you love hitting, I'd recommend you come watch!

Sean Embree