Germany: Test For The Osnabruck Tigers Jr Jonas Tykfer

"If I succeed, then I am getting closer to my goal" - says Jonas Tykfer of the Osnabrück Tigers Juniors Team. The 17 year old DB goes to the Youth national team training camp at Rheine. 

In early March, Jonas has attended and passed the AFVD (American Football Association of Germany) tryout which was held in Cologne. Over 200 athletes were participating, and 75 got picked. Jonas says he just wanted to see if he's good enough, and if he can keep up - "I was very surprised I was picked, the tryout was impressive"

Now, in April, only 45 will be picked out of those 75. Jonas will attend the second half of the camp. He says he wants to go to The States where he could play the sport and study.