Poland: Sunday Live Broadcast - Angels Torun vs Cougars Szczecin

PLFA II, 5 Round: Angels Torun - Cougars Szczecin

On Sunday, May 26th at 2:00PM, in Torun will be played PLFA II. Torun Angels take on home Cougars Szczecin.

Host: Angels Torun (1-0)
Guest: Cougars Szczecin (1-0)
Date and Time: May 26 at 14:00
Stadium: the Sports Centre. Theodore Długokiński, ul. Świętopełka 15/23, Torun
League: PLFA II

This will be the third confrontation with the Angels Torun with Cougars in the history of the clubs in the PLFA. Twice Szczecin showed better football. On Sunday, May 26 Angels will have a chance to play in a defeat in the season PLFA II in 2012. According to their fierce rivals announced that they intend to use it to the fullest.

Winner of the Cougars is not only important because of the fight for the playoffs, but for many of our players is a matter of honor- said Rafal Kaleta, Angels head coach.

Before the season Angels "thirst for revenge" compounded by the fact that the Toruń were not able to in previous meetings to make real threat to the scoring area of Szczecin and the Cougars steadily gained touchdowns. - In the team there is fighting mood. Last season was marked by a collection of experiences, but the school which gave us a double-team from Szczecin will not forget. Winner of the Cougars is not only important because of the fight for the playoffs, but for many of our players is a matter of honor. All the friendly matches were played just specifically for this duel - said Rafal Kaleta, head coach of the Angels.

Cougars Szczecin in Sunday's challenge will not occur in the strongest lineup. All indications are that due to an injury sustained on Sunday will not see the field until two players on the first team, running back and linebacker Roland Dowgiela Mateusz Bochenek. - Angels Torun, compared to last season significantly improved their performance level. The match will be very difficult for us, including due to the absence of several players. Organizationally Angels are greater than most clubs in higher leagues classes, which raises my admiration. Angels have the same victories, of course, after a cold shower with us on Sunday - said Michael Lukasik, Cougars offensive coordinator.

Both teams have the opening match for each other, for this success. Szczecin on the pitch in spite of the absence through injury of one of the key players attack formation - running back Roland Dowgiela - won confidently in front of a home crowd Raiders Bydgoszcz. Significantly, all application Cougars captured just after the cross-country runs. This shows how strong and well prepared for the season is the formation of runners, all despite the departure of Thomas quinoa. The fact that Dowgiela will also be at Sunday's meeting, do not spend any sleep over Cougras offensive coordinator. The game against the Raiders showed that the formation of this is significant potential to create a number of versatile and young players, even so worthy to replace experienced players like Dowgiel.

Angels from Torun after a long and exciting match of Bydgoszcz Archers defeated 35:24. The meeting revealed, first, that the Angels are a team with character, fighting to the end and their players are not immune to the pressures and even at the meeting on the "contact" can stay focused to the same end. It is no secret that in football it is not only precision, but also mental strength. Match PLFA II inaugural season in 2013 showed that the Angels have the attributes of Torun.

Do Angels manage to play the previous failure and effectively stop predatory attack Cougar? Do cougars show, through their formation runners that fully deserve to be called one of the najzwinniejszych animals in the world? Answers to these and other questions, we will reply soon.

Angels made sure that the meeting will be a real feast of sport, in addition to the emotional footballs fans will wait many attractions. JuraPark Solec present model of a dinosaur and dinomascote, and perform with the use of professional staff and arts workshops paleontological and animations. Children will also be able to revel in the inflatable: castle, slides, or track. There will also be brabecue. At half-time we will see for the first time in Torun demonstration beach handball game between AZS UMK Torun and Vambresia Wąbrzezno. In addition, the formation of dance performances Angels Ladies.

Meeting representatives will visit the city and the province. Free Admission to the meeting, the beginning of the match at 2:00PM, attractions from 1:00PM.

Transmission of live video will be available on the pages www.kpsport.tv,www.kpsport.pl

Dawid Witnik