Serbia: TDEU At National Team Practice

Past weekend, we had the opportunity to visit the 1st practice of the Serbian National Team which was held in Pancevo, Serbia. 

We were going with Rastko Jokic, young domestic QB from the GAT NS Dukes. Rastko was excited to get a chance to show what he can do, and show why he holds the 3rd place in the league when it comes to scoring, right behind imports Shane Wong (Imperators Nis) and one of the TDEU approved athetes - Lance Kriesien (Vukovi Belgrade). Rastko is one of the top prospects on his position for the National team. 

First thing we noticed was that the practice was very well organized, surprisingly well. Coaching staff had their hands full, and although this was just the first practice, expectations are high. Head coach Sean Embree (Vukovi Belgrade) wants to storm through the B group of EU Championship and conquer it. Just like he did with the group C last year.

One of the coaches, and hosts of this practice - Bojan Milic (Panthers Pancevo), says: "This practice was the beginning of our quest to take over the B group. Also, coaches could see in what shape are our national team players from last year, as well as, scout couple new players. We're looking to refresh the team a bit, as we noticed couple guys who managed to grab our attention during the regular season. Of course, everyone already started giving their 100% to achieve the goal we have in front of us, where Serbia could get the opportunity to play against the best EU teams in A group.". Bojan also added that there will be one or two more practices before the camp takes place in early August.

Most of the national team players (15+) are coming from Vukovi Belgrade and Wild Boars Kragujevac, followed by GAT Dukes Novi Sad, and Pancevo Panthers.

European Championship - B group - will be held in Milan, Italy, in late August/beginning of September.

Mia Bajin