WWC 2013: Team Germany

In 2009 the German Football Association held the first tryouts for the women’s national team in Cologne, where 120 women were invited for the tryout. Coaches selected the 45 players who attended the first ever Women’s World Championship 2010 in Sweden.

Once the German national team came off as the clear winner of their first match against Sweden, they got beat by their group opponents Canada and had to acknowledge themselves beaten 26:18 on their last game-day by Finland in the thrilling third-place play-off.

In April 2013, only one day after the selection, that the squad for this year’s Women's World Championship was claimed after a try out according to the approved pattern (combine drills), in which testings over many hours in all units took place. In June the German national team will travel to Strausberg/Berlin for a build-up camp and from there continue its journey to Vataa, Finland.

A few statistics on the national team:
- 30 players are from division I teams, 15 players belong to division II teams
- the national players come from 8 different regional football associations 
- players come from 13 different teams (largest numbers is Crailsheim with 8 players)
- the oldest player is 45 years old (Gabi Duvinage, QB, Crailsheim Hurricanes)
- she is also the most experienced player, started to play tackle football 26 years ago 
- the tallest player is 1,96 m (Birgit Schwenk, OL, Mainz Golden Eagles)

Coaching Staff
  • Christiane Langkamm - Director of female national team - Former player of Berlin Kobra Ladies (multiple national German Champion and Vice German Champion)
  • Daniel Koch - Defense Coordinator - Coach since 2000 (Hometeam: Neu-Ulm Spartans)
  • Imke Steinmöller - Offense Coordinator - Coach since 2005, National German Champion (Hometeam: Berlin Kobra Ladies)
  • Jochen Kern - Runningback Coach - Coach since 1999 (Hometeam: Freiburg Sacristans)
  • Jörg Hofmann - Wide Receiver Coach - Hometeam: Jena Hanfrieds
  • Marcel John - Offensive Line - Hometeam: Hamburg Blue Devils
  • Markus Grässer - Defensive Line - Coach since 2003 (Hometeam Wiesbaden Phantoms)
  • Sören Hauff - Defensive Backs - Coach since 2006

Whole coaching staff is very excited for the WWC 2013., and, Ms. Langkamm says: "Team-Statement: “After finishing fourth during the last tournament, the German team hopes to build on 3 years of intense work, including a win in a friendly game in 2011. Given the dominant performance of the US team during the last championship, it may be very hard to reach the final, but we hope to make the game against team USA competitive. Winning a medal is certainly within the capabilities of our team, depending on the results in the other groupwe will try hard to become the best European team this time.”

The Team
The most notable player is Simone Dietrich - Linebacker, who comes from the Munich Cowboys Ladies. Simone has been an active player since 1996., and she won the German Championship twice - 2005 and 2006. She has been a member of the national team in 2010, 2011, and now in 2013.

"This year´s World Chamionship will bring the hardest challenge in my whole carrier as a player: we´ll compete with the World Champion of 2010: Team USA! I´m looking forward to this special game and I want to show, that the German team is playing good and hard football as well. Furthermore Spain will participate for the first time and because of not knowing anything about them, I´m excited to see the Spanish team on the field."

WWC 2013
Imke, offensive coordinator, about WWC 2013: "It has been a long way since the female players all over Germany had practice units without a field, locker rooms, professional equipment or even opponents.Since then a lot changed for the better. Of course we need to find more recognition for our beloved sport but I´m glad, that there´s development and progress. The WWC will be a great challenge and it´s an honor to be part of it." and Markus, defensive line coach continues: "You can feel the extraordinary motivation within the players, coaches and staff. This kind of motivation keeps pushing us forward and builds our team. I´m looking forward to the WWC and of course I´m happy to be part of such an amazing team again."