CEFL: Game Of The Week

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
Despite one other game being played on Saturday, the clash of the top two teams on Sunday deserves to be called the Game of the Week. The PBB Kragujevac Wild Boars host the SBB Vukovi Belgrade in what will be another chapter in the decade long rivalry between these two teams.

The game will be played on Čika Dača stadium, Sunday 4PM CET and also broadcast live on Sportklub Prime.

The Vukovi failed to win a championship last year after a long time, but they've been on a tremendous roll this season, with no signs of slowing down. The first game between these two teams was similar, with the Vukovi winning unusually easy 41-14. They have already clinched a finals spot with a win over Ljubljana two weeks ago, but with a win they will secure the number one spot in the standings for the remainder of the season.

Their opponent on the other hand still has some things to do. They are however in a good position as a win will also insure that these same teams will meet in the CEFL Bowl VIII. A Silverhawks' win on Saturday puts them in as well.

The Wild Boars have had plenty of success against the Vukovi in the past, although not so much in recent years. Even if they fail on Sunday, they still have a very good chance to advance – but all things considered, from what all teams have shown, if anybody will beat the Vukovi this year, it will be them.

Goran Kosutic