Eurobowl: Vienna Defeats Sollerod

Alle Bilder (c) Thomas Holly Kellner 
The Raiffeisen Vikings beat the Sollerod Gold Diggers, current EFAF-Cup-winner, from Denmark with a score of 62:3.

The Vikings started a little bit careful and didn´t find their rhythm because of several mistakes in different parts of the team. 

This situation changed during the game. After the first interception catch from CB Andreas Lunzer, the Vikings started to rule down the field. RB Jesse Lewis lead the team with three touchdowns, WR Stefan Holzinger and Mike Zweifel contributed two touchdowns each, RB Phillip Kern and DL Alexander Taheri scored as well. 

For the Vikings, it was the eighth victory in their eighth season game. In the Austrian league, they lead after seven games, in the EFL they have reached the semifinal. 

With the win over the Sollerod Gold Diggers in front of 2120 spectators the Vikings took one more step to reach the two season goals: to become champion in the AFL and in the EFL. 

In the semifinal the vikings will face the Berlin Adler. In 2012, the vikings beat the Adler in Vienna 34:7. This year, the Adler beat the Giants from Graz with a great comeback. 

Raiffeisen Vikings vs. Sollerod Gold Diggers 
62:3 (7:0/20:0/28:3/7:0) 

Michael Zweifel (#7) / 2 Touchdowns
Jesse Lewis (#28) / 3 Touchdowns
Philipp Kern (#2) / 1 Touchdown 
Stefan Holzinger (#17) / 2 Touchdowns
Alexander Taheri (#90) / 1 Touchdown 
Sebastian Daum (#18) / 4 PAT-Extrakicks
Christopher Kappel (#16) / 4 PAT-Extrakicks 

26.5.2013 | Hohe Warte | 2120 spectators
QF 3
Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna62720287
Sollerod Gold Diggers30030