Breaking News: TDEU To Continue Collaboration With The NFL

Couple months ago we were approached to distribute footage, news and analysis on the NFL Draft 2013. We also managed to do some of our work - you can check out (if you haven't already) interview we did with Kanorris Davis, right before he signed with the New England Patriots.

Now, we'll be able to cover the regular season! How exciting! We'll be able to bring you the game highlights, analysis, news, top 10 compilations etc. 

"We're more than excited to continue where we left off after the NFL Draft 2013, not to mention how honored we are to continue the relationship. We're happy that in just less than a year we managed to climb up the ladder and become one of the most influential football websites in Europe. Of course, there's always room for improvement, and, just like your team, we'll use the 'off season' to expand our TDEU team and bring more content." says Mia Bajin, founder of TDEU.