Serbia: TDEU At The Serbian Championship

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet 
Of course we wouldn't miss it. During the season, SBB Belgrade Vukovi were the absolute favorite to be the 1st team to secure their spot in the Championship game. 

Now, the 2nd one was between PBB Kragujevac Wild Boars and GAT Dukes Novi Sad - where the Wild Boars came out with a W in the duel.

We'll focus more on the off field than at the game itself, since Lance Kriesien is making a comeback with the Championship Recap article. You can read more about the Regular season HERE, and about the Playoffs HERE.

Championship was a promising one. Following the promotion side of it - posters and banners found their place in city buses, on bus stations, etc. Halftime show set up. TV broadcast as well. Organizational part of it was flawless.

Attendance was great, stands were almost full. Even the weather, which got us to leave during the first half, didn't really affect the audience - when the wind announced the rain. 

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
The game itself, not a spectacular one. We didn't expect 42-0. Vukovi were very well coached by Sean Embree, and did a great job of stopping the Wild Boars offense, while Vukovi offense outplayed the Wild Boars on every level. Note that the Wild Boars were playing with one import and couple of their key players were missing. However, during the second half, Vukovi lost one import and couple domestic players. Even with all that being said, it's really hard to comment on a championship game with that score.

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
Now, the thing that kinda didn't seem right. We're definitely going to put the game host on a blast. If you're an announcer, especially at a Championship... During the game a Wild Boars defensive player gets injured, badly. While being carried off the field - announcer: "Let's hear a round of applause for the Vukovi offense".  Championship games should be on a neutral field.

Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet
But, off to brighter things. One of the best moments off the field was definitely during the anthem. While the singer was performing the national anthem, there was a bit of a problem with the microphone, it kept cutting her off. As soon as it started happening, everyone at the stands started singing. That moment itself tops the unprofessional announcer at the stadium.

After the game, league MVPs were announced - offensive MVP - Rastko Jokic (GAT NS Dukes), defensive MVP - Milos Lisanin (SBB Vukovi Belgrade), and, Import MVP - Lance Kriesien (SBB Vukovi Belgrade).

Jokic with SAAF President. Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet 

As far as the Championship MVP - it was Mihajlo Josovic, Vukovi Belgrade runningback. Also, we can't help but notice that besides Kriesien who scored 5 out of 6 TDs, Tony Washington had an outstanding performance, not just during this game, but during the whole season, which makes him eligible for a TDEU Approved Athlete.

Even though the Wild Boars didn't get into the Vukovi endzone during the game, they are the vice champions of Serbia, and that's far from being unsuccessful. When it comes to Vukovi - a well deserved win for the team from Belgrade, that has wrapped up their (perfect) 2013 season with no losses.

Mia Bajin