WWC 2013: USA Wins The Gold!

USA beat Canada in the final game today 64-0 (36-0).  You can check out TDEU's rep  Charles McCrea reporting from the finals by clicking HERE.

Canada kept up with the pace for some time in the beginning, but Sami Grisafe´s passes and Cassey Brick´s and Odessa Jenkins´running power was too much, and USA got enough points on the board to secure a 36-0 lead in the halftime. Canada flashed some good plays, and was able to move the sticks, but USA´s defense was too fast and powerful after all.

Sami Grisafe had over 200 yds 10 out of 13 passing and 2 passing TD´s, Brick 74 yds and Jenkins 84 yds in the first half.

USA continued their strong playing through the 2nd half, and one of the characters of the game was Mia Brickhouse with her 4TD runs with 4 touches to the ball.