Austria: There's A New Youth Team In Austria - Junior Tigers Vienna

American football is getting more popular in Vienna! People who were building the Danube Dragons for the last 20 years decided to launch a new club. This new club will concentrate only on youth football.

Junior Tigers were founded this spring, the founders organized all necessary things, like home stadium, practice field, membership at the Austrian Federation and started to recruit medical staff and coaches. 

The first practice with the kids was held, and the real recruiting starts after the summer holidays. As Austrian federation is developing a flag football project where schools will be able to participate in the program School-Bowl, this gives the Juniors Tigers wind in the back to recruit.

Also, Junior Tigers have hired Alexander Stoeger as their sports director. Stoeger has already extensive experience in working with youth, 14 years of developing youth programs in Austria.

Right now, the goal is to play in the Austrian Youth Championship 2014 with all three units and to be 2015 in the Bowl-Games. Further is planned to add 2015 a U17 unit.

The players will be educated not only in American Football, overall sport education (athletic) is part of the program, as a personal development and also an education for healthy nutrition. 

First official practice will take place on Friday 6th of September