Pass-Sporting: The Guide To Not Being A Terrible Import

Aki (Not Euro Jones) Jones
So you’ve made the decision that you want to play in Europe. Personally speaking you have just opened yourself up to a world of opportunities that many were afraid to do so. Kudos to you!!! 

But before you watch Euro Trip and visualize how you’ll rush for 2,000 yards or get 20 sacks or throw for 50 touchdowns while running through a bevy of Parisian and Czech models there are some tips that can make your season memorable or a complete nightmare.

My name is Aki Jones and I’ve spent the past 4 years in Europe playing six seasons in Poland, Sweden and Finland. I’ve fucked up a quite a few times in my travels. For example my first season in Poland the team ran my ass up out of there so fast I was gone by mid season and managed to piss off the majority of league. So I know a thing or two on what NOT to do. But over the next few years things got progressively better. I was able to flip this lifestyle into being able to do movies, reality shows, broadcasting for Sky Sports and working in the NFL International offices. 

I’ll be honest, am I the best person to be writing this post? HA! FUCK NO!!! Can some my experiences at least help you when entering your next season in Europe? For damn sure. 

I’ll be writing a weekly post with tidbits on how to make the experience work best for and the club that brings you in. Hopefully some of these ideas can also put a few more dollars in your pockets since really all we care about is how can get that side money. I will also be bringing guest writers who I believe have a unique tales from the perspective of what to expect when playing certain positions. 

So welcome to Aki “Not Euro Jones” Jones’s Guide to not being a horrible import.