TDEU: Top 10 Football Uniforms Of 2013.

Countdown of the European Top 10 Uniforms of 2013.! Everything matters - design, details and quality! 

Once you see the top three uniforms you will see why we pick these uniforms for the top Spot, especially if you pay attention to detail and design and originality All three uniforms are different from any other uniform that we saw in 2013. in Europe.

IMPORTANT: If your team is on the list, and would like a digital certificate, please have the team representative reach out to us:

10. Kiel Baltic Hurricanes, Germany 

9. Pessac Kangourous, France

8. Oslo Vikings, Norway

7. Bristol Astecs, UK

6. Vienna Vikings, Austria

5. Helsinki Wolverines, Finland

4. Seahawks Gdynia, Poland


The Polish national team uniforms custom design with feathers to incorporate the national bird,
just separates itself from other national team uniforms.


Giants uniform design just might change the game in EU when incorporating the national flag into the uniform. 
By capturing the championship in Poland just put them and their uniforms on a whole bigger stage this year, which gives them the number two spot in the countdown.


Why this team has number one spot? The uniforms you see and what they came up with is one of one,
which means that no one in the world has this type of design. Also, a major influence are the materials that were used, which we believe are probably the future in manufacturing football uniforms.


Since, flag football is also a part of American football, we couldn't help but add in a small Bonus.
Probably the best flag football jerseys in Europe right now. Angel Duchesses of Novi Sad, Serbia.