Exploring The Off-Season: Mark Garza, Cagliari Crusaders

What is "the off season"? Does it exist in football? What are the main goals coaches work towards during this time?
Off season for myself is: Review next season schedule, develop strength program, fund raising, review rooster, recruiting, assemble coaching staff, player interviews, finalize player handbook, develop depth chart, attend coaching clinics and visit other programs, finalize preseason game, supervise strength program, Team meeting over policies, finalize recruitment, make any purchases for equipment or team gear,team review installments of drills, skills, and plays, prepare a news release for the season, meet with every player individually to let them know where the stand.

When do you start looking for imports? What things do you consider when sifting through options? 
My first thing is if the team has the money in the budget for an import already and not we are working on it. Next if the team has the budget is what type of player will we need. My first consideration is his leadership skills and talking with his previous HC

What things can an import do to increase their chances of gaining a teams interest?
A player can increase his chances by what his previous coaches say in the interview process.

What is the worst thing an athlete can do to hurt their chances?
Worst thing is being to arrogant. I personally like players that are humble. After narrowing it down it comes to stats. Stats do not lie.

What type of team building events do you do between seasons? 
Team building activities are the off season work out program. Players and groups are rewarded in attendance,progression,and overall attitude and effort during this time with t shirts,pizza party's and what ever sponsors we have to help out with some off the off setting cost.

Do you have any advice to players about how to approach their own off-season and recruiting seasons?
My advice for players is to be organized and follow their plan."The better the road map, The better chance of reaching your final destination"

Lance Kriesien
Mia Bajin