Serbia: 13-men Roster Of Warriors

Season for the juniors in Serbia is getting more and more interesting. Angel Warriors from Cacak are definitely spicing things up.

This past weekend, Warriors managed to bring home a big W with only 13 players at the game. Of course, we had to find out more how this team of juniors is functioning, and to share how big their drive for success is.

We talked to the AW head coach, Sasa Stojanovic. 

- Well it's not easy getting 13 juniors ready for the most important game of the season. Why the most important? - Because we are the actual champions in Serbia in the junior category, so not making the playoffs was our main motivator.  

Coach Stojanovic knows how important scouting is.

- I myself along with my def.coordinator Dule Ilic and my ol-dl coach, Aleksa Stankovic did an outstanding job on scouting the Royal Crowns of Kraljevo, and that was one of the key factors in our success. The main thing is that when we only have 12-13 kids at practice, the 12-13 that do come work their behinds off for the win, and of course I have to install a lot of positive information into their heads. I have to make them think that even if the Chicago bears come to Cacak for a game, we are trying to whip their butts! No pain, no gain, never give up, and leave your heart and soul on the playing field and success will be your best friend! - says Stojanovic.

All TDEU can add is that a lot of seniors across EU can learn from this group of outstanding children. Right now, the Angel Warriors juniors are at 1:1 (W:L), and are facing 2 more teams in the next couple weeks.