Brazil: Steamrollers Official Statement

Not too long ago, we've published Ben Jones' story on his experience with the Steamrollers. 

Right after that - as we all figured - online war started. So, TDEU started its own "investigation" to get to the bottom of things with nothing but facts. We have talked to quite a number of people around the team and around Jones, and will be publishing the story as the final chapter.

Now, here's the official statement coming from the Steamrollers camp on issues that were brought up in previous story. 

Note that we did no editing of the statement. Some grammar mistakes might come up. 

"As we knew of the publication of the post from Ben Jones about his passage on the team, we feel obliged to write about the team and the situation. We understand all the frustration that overcome after a not successful undertaking, as the player did not showed a performance that we expected.With this scenario, he was benched and then as finally not on the list for an away game. After that, the player asked to have its services dismissed, what was promptly done, including with the team giving to the player the tickets to coming back to USA and the rescission penalty forgotten. The salaries and other details, such as his personal ride with a driver to the club for training, cable TV and internet, all of it was fulfilled by the Corinthians Steamrollers, that has all the bills and invoices of this services and duties, including player’s training attendance list.

The Corinthians Steamrollers is a pivotal part of the recent history of American Football in Brazil. The team is the current national champion and has an important role in divulge the sport in this continental soccer-country. For that, the Steamrollers merged into Corinthians to be part of a nation of 35 million fans. The path of the team was followed, with Corinthians’ assistance, so other American Football teams merged into other soccer giants, so the sport could grow as fast as its possible with a good support from well known organizations and its fans.

Worldwide known, Corinthians has 103 years old, is the current Soccer’s FIFA Club World Champions and has 4,800 players that represents the club in 41 different sports. As even the player said, the club is a nation with passionate fans that supports the ones that really leaves its hearts and high performance at the field in the name of this nation. Unfortunately, this just not happen all the times and for both parts, it is not most desirable of the outcomes.

Other Americans and foreigners were and are part of the team and staff, including the actual QB, with 10 pass TDs and 4 rush TDs on the current league, and the head coach, 12 times Italian champion and 3 times European champion as a player. He is now in his third year ahead of the team, attesting its organization that, in the current scenario that the American Football lives in Brazil, is the best of the country.

Thank you for your attention and keep on going with your important paper to divulge the sport that we love all over the world.

Ricardo Trigo
President Corinthians Steamrollers"