Euro Kickers: Report From The Budapest Kicking Camp

Coach Kipperer and Stanojev
After a successful kicking camp in Bolzano, Italy, Euro Kickers hosted another camp in Budapest, Hungary. This is probably the first time kickers and punters had a camp devoted just for their position.

We had a word with one of the guys who went to the Budapest camp - Srdjan Stanojev, kicker from Serbia. Stanojev couldn't hide the excitement about the camp, and had nothing but great words about it.

- Practices were held at 2 awesome fields with turf. Before and after practice we had meetings, where we could also see the practice footage. All practices were recorded so we could analyse them after. - says Stanojev.

Camp was divided in 3 sections - Field Goal, Punt, Kick Off. 

Stanojev adds - We'd usually begin with drills to warm up our kicking leg. I've never done this before. After the warm-up we'd do "Around the world" and basically move and kick the ball. Of course, kickers being kickers, before the practice we made a bet on who scores the least has to pay for the drinks after. Kicker from Budapest Wolves just didn't have luck. Anyways, coaches were amazing. They really took care of us, and were making sure our leg doesn't get too tired. On the punt day, another bet was on, and once again Wolves kicker had no luck. Whole camp was both learning and having fun with all the different 'games' we played on the field while kicking. The experience was awesome, coach Christoph was great, and I hope there will be more kicking camps in the near future.