Elite Top 10 Domestic Of 2013: POLAND

"Elite Top 10" highlights some of the best domestic players per country. Coaches, from different teams, who helped us put together the list had a task that was far from easy, as 10 spots are not nearly enough. Note that the athletes are not ranked, but put in an alphabetical order by name. If you notice a typo, or know the photographers name where it's not stated - please let us know - touchdowneurope@gmail.com!

Adam Lary, DB, Wroclaw Devils [Wroclaw Panthers]

Photo: Maffoto.pl

Babatunde Aiyegbusi, OL, Wroclaw Giants [Wroclaw Panthers]

Photo: Mirka Lukaszek

Dawid Tarczynski, WR, Wroclaw Devils [Wroclaw Panthers]

Photo: Rosiak Photography

Gawel Pilachowski, RB, Gdynia Seahawks

Photo: Piotr Piekut

Grzegorz Mazur, WR,  Wroclaw Devils [Wroclaw Panthers]

Photo: E-fotosport.pl

Krzysztof Dreger, DL, Warsaw Eagles

Photo: Piotr Piekut

Maciej Nagodzinski, DL, Kozly Poznan 

Photo Source: Maciej's Facebook

Tomasz Bialy, LB, Gdynia Seahawks

Photo Source: Tomasz' Facebook

Tomasz Szczeszek, DL, Warsaw Eagles

Photo: Marcina Fijalkowskiego

Zbigniew Szrejber, WR, Silesia Rebels

Photo: Skwiot.pl

How do Players get picked?

It's usually the coaches from the Top 4 teams who get the question to give their suggestions, as we don't know all the players in every country. Players are being chosen on their performance during the 2013 season, and we can freely say, 10 spots are not nearly enough for all the talent, however, even with that being said, we have made the decision to still pursue the Top 10 Domestic, since it doesn't just highlight the players, but teams and football in their own country.