Wojciech Weekly: This Is Our House

LionsHunt Camp

Dear Europe, 

Firstly let me excuse for the delay in publishing of this edition WW, it will be twice as nice. And we have a variety of topics to cover, so fasten your seat belts - it will be a wild ride just like the final play in the IronBowl. 

What a two weeks it has been – started by the IronBowl then BradyManning XIV, then just like everybody expected fall of the Ohio State and a crazy Winter Wonderland Week 14. We all love upsets, or let’s call them surprises. They are signs of parity and competitive balance in the league-the more balanced league the more attractive it is for the fans and sponsors – what do you think? 

Coaching Carousel 
This is the time of the year, from the let’s send Nick Saban to Longhorns, through moves in Dresden and Berlin to PLFA2. The vacancies are being filled with promises of better brighter future. If the wishes come true we will have to wait till late spring. One of the reasons for the recent delay in publishing of this WW were the massive rebuilding project that my Father decided to run in our basement. As I was going through the layers of concrete I realized that this is a great metaphor of a turnaround. You have to clear the room, get down to the fundamentals of the organization and use the “pneumatic drills” to change the fundamentals - habits, thought patterns and mentality. 

Olympics World Games
12,95 % was the number - we were able to generate less than 13k votes to support football’s spot at 2017 World Games. I would like to once again thank all of you, who supported the cause. The total number of votes we were able to get is less than impressive. Still there are high chances that football will be played in Wroclaw.

On Wednesday IFAF’s President Tommy Viking announced that AF has been recognized by IOC, in other words there are chances that it will be played in the Olympics. The other important aspect of the decision is far more local – if anyone of you GM’s and Presidents has ever heard the argument American Football is not a sport because ……… - now we have the official IOC seal of approval! 

Meanwhile in Poland… more mergers and offseason drama continues. 

Warsaw Spartans and Krolewscy (Royals) Warszawa decided to join forces and morph into Warsaw Sharks. They decided to leave PLFA Topliga, the first team will play in PLFA1, the B-squad in PLFA2. 

Seahawks Gdynia decided to cooperate with cross town rival SaberCats Sopot, who left the baby blue unis for black and yellow – welcome Seahawks Sopot. Sopot will play in PLFA2, while Gdynia will compete for Topliga Title. 

As if the week has not been filled with news already on Friday a disturbing rumor broke out, that Silesia Rebels will pull out of the Topliga 2014. On Saturday Rebels representatives showed at the PLFA2 meeting and today an official statement has been issued. Silesia Rebels will play PLFA 2 and PLFA Juniors in 2014. The official version is that key players have decided to transfer and without them team would not be able to compete. I am not going to speculate if there are other reasons, however since Topliga has been founded in 2012 Kraków Tigers, Warsaw Spartans and Silesia Rebels have been forced to pull out of the competition. In 2014 it will consist of five teams - BigThree Warsaw Eagles, Wrocław Panthers, Seahawks Gdynia and two underdogs Kozly Poznan and Zaglebie Steelers . 

Happy Camper Special Edition 

QB School with Phil Hickey

Recently, I had the chance to experience two football clinics. On November 23th I have attended QB School 2 in Szczecin with Phil Hickey. Call me sentimental but, this was the completion of the Szczecin-Trieste Football Journey. The clinic was well organized and there were about 25 players working on their fundamentals. I really enjoyed the event learnt a lot – 25 pages of notes and a vast amount of pictures and film -about coaching QB’s. I want to thank Olaf Werner the HC of Husaria Szczecin for organizing this event. 

LionsHunt 2013

Earlier this year I have attended German Bowl 35 and witnessed the dramatic New Yorker Lions victory. Not sure if I mentioned that, two polish players Lukas Omelanczuk and Jakub Malecki played for the 2013 GFL Champion. So when “Omel” contacted me and suggested that he would be willing to come, bring some of his teammates and coach polish players I just couldn't resist. When he said that Vince Redd former Patriot and Jose Mohler – D1 QB would be willing to come I was 100% convinced. For rookies there is nothing better than learning the fundamentals from more experienced players. So after a month of hard work, fixing all the details on December 7th and 8th an 8men Football team, hosted a biggest football camp in Poland in recent years, with four NewYorker Lions coaching. Also few of the most experienced polish players helped out Krzysztof “Swan” Konieczny- OL , Szymon “Janek” Jankowiak- WR and Piotr “Talib” Borkowski- RB. I had the chance to work with the DB’s. For me the sight of all the campers, players, coaches and volunteers was the best one I got this Xmass season. 

I simply can’t find enough superlatives to describe how Jakub Malecki, Lukas Omelanczuk Jose Mohler and Vince Redd represented the GFL 2013 Champion. 

They MENTORED the players and yes the word has to be written in capital M. 

During two days we run two practical sessions, two theory and one mentoring session. The vast majority of attendees came from lower divisions, so they had the chance to learn the positional fundamentals and some basic X’s and O’s. The players had the chance get life lessons from players, who have already made the leap to the higher level.

On Sunday afternoon after the luncheon, all participants received memorabilia jerseys and the standout players from each positional group were awarded.

Happy Birthday TDEU
Once again, I would like to thank Mia for bringing me aboard also want to thank Vinnie Miroth, who was the connection. TDEU gives us a platform to share ideas, views and opinions on the current state and future of our sport in Europe. I hope you enjoy reading my columns as much as I enjoy writing them. 

Wojciech Andrzejczak