WWC2013: Tackle The World - Tough Game Tougher Women Documentary

Photo: Sami Ranta
Tackle the World - Tough Game/Tougher Women is an inspirational look at the world championships of women's tackle football recently held in Vantaa, Finland.

This groundbreaking event featured passionate and competitive women from 6 countries participating in a grueling week long tournament in pursuit of a Gold medal. The decade long journey to grow a sport few thought women could or should play has now culminated in a world wide movement that will someday be represented as an Olympic sport.

"I'm a bit amazed still when I look back and think of all the things that happened in front of that one camera I held. The effort put forth by all the countries is nothing short of incredible and it's an honor to bring that to a greater audience." says Rich Daniels, creator of the documentary. 



You can also check out TDEU live from WWC via Youtube below.