Your Chance To Express Your Football Thoughts via TDEU!

Photo: Anderson Mancini
During our first year, we've met so many amazing individuals who agreed to share their knowledge, experience and thoughts on TDEU. Wojciech Andrzejczak, Aki Jones, Sean Embree, Zoran Damnjanovic, Kuba Glogowski, Greg Miletic.. Just to name a few.

Now, we'd love to open our "doors" to everyone who ever wanted to write one piece on 'something' football. The state of football in your country? Great job a team is doing? Analyzing the season? Sharing thoughts on what's good and wrong in football in Europe in general? Women in football? Or, even better, marketing tips, hosting a camp tips etc.

We want to help you share your thoughts with others, highlight your country or a team, or, just an experience. 

Great example of an "experience" is Greg's blog on seeing a ghost. It didn't have to do a lot with football but it was a hilarious story overall. You can read "the real reason why Greg left Serbia early" HERE. Also, another great experience story was written by Deric, who got into "illegal immigrant" trouble, you can read it HERE.

So, from now on - anyone who'd like to have their piece published, feel free to reach out to!