Poland: Bring In The Muscle!

Gdynia Seahawks just wrapped up another major signing! After making McCrea and Kriesien a Seahawk, Tunde Ogun has entered the nest. 

We already did an interview with Tunde, who's personality swept us off our feet, you can read it HERE. Also, he's one of the athletes we're looking to TDEU Approve this year, and it says enough on how dedicated this dual-passport player is on and off the field.

"Once the opportunity was presented to me the choice was easy....the chance to play for a legit championship contender, in an up and coming league, with 2 European Football Hall of Famers. Chances like that don't come very often, so I had to take it" - says Tunde and continues: "The expectation is complete and total domination. To have 3 of the most coveted imports in the European American Football world leaves very little room for failure. Anything less than a championship in 2014 is unacceptable"