Poland: Wild Cats And Wild Transfers

Just recently we shared the Panthers Wroclaw Christmas video where they announced their cheerleading team Wild Cats. Besides that, there was a 4 player transfer to Dresden Monarchs. We asked Kuba Glogowski, GM, about both topics.

"A team can't be full without beautiful girls driving people in the stands and leading the fans to cheer for the team. We want our cheerleaders squad to be a part of this team. That's why we named the group Wild Cats. Right now we're looking for girls, after that they will have 3 months to prepare for the season." - says Glogowski.

But, back to football now. Just recently, Dresden Monarchs announced a big transfer from Poland. 4 Panthers have signed with Dresden. 

Glogowski explains: "I wouldn't say 4, cause Dominik Dabrowski was saying from the start he will try to play abroad, Arkadiusz Soberski is a veteran, who would have a really hard time competing with out Younger and talented D Line in which You can find 4 players playing for the national team. We'll see if he can find himself in an even better envoriment. The 3rd person is Adam Lary, a Young DB, who will still develop and once he come back to Wroclaw he will be even better. Last but not least Babatunde Ayiegbusi, that is a loss for us, but Babs is one of the most perspective players in Europe. He had many proposals each year so finally he made one. 

We merged the teams in Wrocław to be secured for those kind of situation. I can assure the depth of our roster won't change and we will be very strong. There is over a 100 players competing for spots on the first team, so Mott Gaymon and the rest of the staff has a group to choose from. Now it's up to the players to grab the spots."