Serbia: Pancevo Panthers Sign Imports After 4 Years

Pancevo Panthers are a team that has been devoted to developing the youth program. The only time they had an import was back in 2009. Panthers compete in the Serbian Elite Division.

As the league is getting more competitive, Panthers had to make the decision of signing imports again. They went out and got their 2009. QB - Willie Shierd and, a new addition - Alexander Durazo, who was featured in our "Why haven't you signed them yet?" section.

"We got new/old import QB Willie Sheird to be our offensive leader and OC. He knows our team, he knows our offense and with him we will be stronger than last year on both run and pass plays. With Alexander Durazo our OL and DL we will have a leader in the tranches who will implement his experience in our young OL and DL (for example - 4 starters from last year OL, will not be playing this year)." says Bojan Milic, Panthers coach.