Veteran Imports: Demetrius Eaton, LB

Photo: Hannes Jirgal
I've played in Nice, France for the Dauphins and a different time in France for the Cannes Iron Mask. Also Finland, Spain, Poland, Switzerland, and the 2 IFAF World Championships in Tokyo, Japan and the other in Austria.
Why becoming an import player?
Becoming an import player was something I never planned, it kind of just fell in my lap; but I continued to play and coach each and every year because I enjoy playing and coaching football all while enjoying the intriguing features the world has to offer as an import player/coach. As an Import, I feel that it is my duty to make my teammates better with their technique and to make them smarter players In return they can help teach other proper technique. That will help us grow, together as a team. That will give us an opportunity to be successful.
Picking the right team
I always try to pick a team that allows me to become apart of the coaching staff or have some input on matters of the defense. If I have the opportunity to teach the players, I believe I can make them smarter players increasing their chances of being in the right position to make plays. At the end of the day I enjoyed everywhere I've played. I have an ongoing relationship with many of my teammates I played with in the past.
Domestic talent
I feel like some of the most talented players are probably in the countries that have the most American coaches. Places like Germany and it's surrounding countries such as Austria etc.They were all taught the game buy the US soldiers from the local Us. Military bases throughout the country. Knowledge is power. But there is talent in every country you go to.
Import rules
To be honest I don't really pay attention to the import rules. I just follow the rules and adjust as I go. As long as everything is fair, I don’t care what they do.
What's football in Europe missing?
I think European football is headed in the right direction as far as working towards making it an Olympic sport. But as far as the product on the field, I feel they need more coaches who have knowledge for the game and most importantly, know how to teach the American football in a way they understand it and grasp it best. So more quality coaches, players and also youth development programs. That’s how guys in the states are much more advanced by the time they get to high school. In the states, we start playing football around 6 years old, but in Europe they usually start when they are 18 on average. So they miss out on a lot of the knowledge and the culture of American football.