Brazil: Coach Levy with Williams & Lynch Teach Football In Brazil

Daniel Levy and DeAngelo Williams
American Coach Daniel Levy leads competition drills with Deangelo Williams and Marshawn Lynch at the American Football Without Barriers Camp in Rio de Janeiro. Founded by current NFL players Gary Barnidge of the Cleveland Browns and Breno Giacomini of the Seattle Seahawks, the AFWB is a non profit organization with the goal of spreading football outside the borders of the United States, particularly in developing parts of the world.

With the World Cup heading to Brazil this summer and the Olympics in 2016, the AFWB arrived just in time to draw the public's eye to the sport of American football, which is already growing at an unprecedented rate within Brazil. The arrival of the 13 NFL players - including 5 Super Bowl Champions - created enough buzz for this event to exceed beyond anybody's expectations.

While much of the credit rightly goes to the NFL players who gave their time and effort to teach football to hordes of both eager children and adults, Coach Levy credits Daniel Condessa for the bulk of the behind the scenes work that made this amazing event a possibility.