Norway: Oslo Vikings - Taking A Couple Steps Back

Written by Robert Mehmet Mulleng Sezer. Photo by Oslo Vikings Media. Published with permission.

The Oslo Vikings organization are looking back at what have worked so well the previous years. On that note we have some great news about who we are bringing back this year.

This year the Oslo Vikings are taking a couple of steps back. We are going back to 2012 where the organization had a historical year. The Oslo Vikings won 4 Series Championships and 4 National Championships in 2012. Taking on contenders from all over Scandinavia, the Vikings endured 1 loss in the entire organization. Going undefeated with the U-16, U-19 and Senior teams, with 1 late loss at the U-14 level, the Vikings enjoyed the feeling of Victory all year.

With that being said, Vikings are bringing back some weapons we had in 2012. Such as our Canadian import players WR/DB Brandon Weekes and QB Derek Mann. We believe, and hope this will help us reach our goals this year. National Champions, that is! They will also help coaching on the younger levels.

There is also a new Head Coach flying in, Eric Raisbeck. Last year he was with Calanda Broncos (Switzerland) as a defensive coordinator, and they became Swiss champions. Raisbeck is from Middlenton, Wisconsin, USA.

There has also been a great factor helping us at the start of this year. And that is defensive coordinatorJesse Alderfor. Alderfer has been getting the guys together and working with strength and conditioning coach, Petter Vogt. Making sure the guys are getting ready for the 2014 season. Vogt is also the coach for the national team of Norway and he's a graduate from Stanford university.

We asked some of our players what they think about our imports and new head coach. DB Sverre Kvist,you have not had the chance to play with Brandon Weekes, but what have you heard of him as a player and as a person?

- I've heard that he is a tremendous athlete and a real proffesional both on and off the field. I can't wait to get stomped at practice but hey, thats just gonna make me better... right? He seems to be a great guy and I'm looking forward to take the field with him. Said Sverre Kvist.

O-line Alexander Menzel, you played with Derek Mann in 2012, what did you like about him? What are you hoping he will bring to our team this year?

- Derek was a perfect fit for the team from the start, which was pretty easy, since he is such a great guy. I really liked his laid back attitude towards football and life in general. Even in difficult situations on the field he managed to keep the offense calm with his style of leadership. At the same time he is a hard worker and a fantastic role model both on and off the field. He did a great job for us educating the younger generation of players and taught them new tricks and techniques together with Brandon. Between them, they simple are great ambassadors for our sport. I can't wait until Derek and Brandon touch ground in Oslo, welcome back boys! Said Alexander Menzel.

LB Nicolay Knutsen, you've had some coaching experience yourself. In 2012 you was head coach of the U19's who went undefeated and won the series and the national championship. What do you hope our new head coach Eric Raisbeck will bring to our team?

- Well, what i learned from my years as a Coach is that a championship team consist of several qualities. The talent, the comradery and how much they want it is up to the players. But how you use that talent, perhaps even discovering it. How you take all the different pieces, mash them all together and create great football out of it all takes remarkable skill, knowledge and experience! Coach Eric is a successful Coach within Europe and I both hope and believe that he can find new strengths within our team and take us to a new level! I look forward to play for Coach Eric and learning from him as a team as well as a player. Said Nicolay Knutsen.

This will be an exciting year for the Oslo Vikings. Stay tuned for interviews on Weekes, Mann and Head Coach Raisbek coming up soon here, on